CRUX Episode 35 - Pastor's Salaries

No pastor worth his salt likes talking about his own salary. But in order to care for his family and himself, he does need to be paid. What is the way of Christ? How are we to be faithful to both our families and our congregations? Join us for episode 35 of The Crux of the Matter.




  • From Dr. Beverly Yahnke: "The education requirements for clergy place them in the top 10% of educated learners in the United States, yet clergy are 325th out of 432 occupations in salaries received." (Weaver et al., 2002). The United States Department of Labor (2011) lists the average salary of clergy in 2011 as $48,490. By comparison, in the same year, individuals with master’s degrees earned $65,676, those with doctoral degrees earned an average of $80,652, and those with professional degrees $86,580. Clergy who have advanced degrees, such as master’s-level (M.Div.), and doctoral degrees (D.Min.) have equivalent education and training, but their earning levels do not reflect it." (Gauger & Christie, 2013).
  • From Winter 2013 issue of Concordia Seminary, HT to Rev. Chris Gillespie
  • Average Pastor Salaries in United States Churches, by Jack Wellman on Patheos
  • For the Life of the World, Volume 18, Number 2


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