The Crux of the Matter is a labor of love. We are two pastors who love Lutheran theology and particularly how it is practiced and carried out by preachers of the Gospel the world over. We do this very much on a shoestring budget, trying to avoid expensive and flashy equipment and such in favor of keeping it simple.

But it is still not free. 

There are hosting costs, both for the web site itself and for the audio files. There is equipment, such as microphones and mixers, pre-amps and all sorts of other pieces, all of which go into making this the best show that we can make.

If you find Crux to be of benefit, would you consider throwing a few dollars in the tip jar? Right now we are doing this via Paypal. Just sign in and send whatever you are able using the link found below. We would appreciate it very much, and our wives would appreciate not taking this stuff out of grocery money.

We should also point out that at this time, donations are NOT tax-deductible.

In Christ,

Todd Peperkorn

Scott Stiegemeyer