CRUX Episode 62 - Sick Pastors

How do pastors deal with being sick? It’s the season when children go back to school, and so many pastors struggle with sickness, both short term and long term. Do you cancel classes or worship services? Who looks after you when you are sick? Will the church collapse in upon itself without you? Scott and Todd take a crack at this question and more in to episode 62 of  The Crux of the Matter.

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CRUX Episode 45 - Star Wars

It is certainly fair to say that Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a phenomenon. So how are we as Christians to view such a thing? Does it have a biblical view of good and evil, and ultimately of redemption? Or is it just another good old yarn designed to make Hollywood some bucks? Listen to Scott and Todd discuss the years most popular movie in Episode 45 of The Crux of the Matter.



  • Hebrews 11


  • Church History




  • Civit Coffee



Todd and Scott co-host THE CRUX OF THE MATTER. You may find Todd Peperkorn @toddpeperkorn on Twitter or on Facebook. He also blogs, posts sermons, and random nonsense at Lutheran Logomaniac and Dark My Road. Todd’s parish is Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rocklin, California. You can find his sermons & bible classes on YouTube HERE.

You may find Scott Stiegemeyer @scottstieg on Twitter or on Facebook. Scott is an assistant professor of theology and bioethics at Concordia University Irvine.

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